Digital radio solutions enabling you to monitor, track and log the location and movement of staff anywhere around the building. Strategically placed beacons* link with MOTOTRBO radios to pinpoint the position of security teams, maintenance crew or supervisors.

IN-Track module

Do you know if your security personnel are completing their tours and at the correct time? Do you know where your security personnel are so they can respond to an emergency ? The DMRAlert range of Guard Tour Systems allow you to utilise one solution for your team to carry and allow you to accurately monitor the times of tours and when key areas have been checked.

DMRAlert In Track is a Guard Tour System which allows full control and management of your personnel encompassed within a MOTOTRBO™ radio- you have one solution. MOTOTRBO™ is one of the most rugged data collectors on the market today.

You will be supplied with a solution / kit that includes everything you need to get started. Our system gives you the ability to transfer all of your tour data directly to a centralised point i.e. CCTV control room where is will be visually displayed via a user friendly graphical interface offering excellent control features and reporting tool. The user can see where their security personnel are at any point in time and also provide valuable customised reports created from the hard data collected on the central server.

DMRAlert In Track Guard Tour Solution effortlessly provides you with the hardware and software allowing you to improve efficiencies, enhance overall performance and provide vital statistics and hard data from all the data collected by the system

TAD Module

DMRAlert Technical Alarms Module Screenshot

DMRAlert TAD (Technical Alarm Dispatcher) is a software application that is a database of different alarms throughout your site. The different alarm systems (BMS, Fire, Intruder etc) are installed to the DMRAlert server and if an alarm is activated then notification is forwarded through the preconfigured DMRAlert server to a variety of media such as Radio SMS (group or individual), Radio Voice, Email, Cellular SMS etc. The third party systems can be installed to the DMRAlert server in a number of ways including RS232, IP connection or using a PCi 'Dry Contact' board installed directly into the server. By automatically notifying your workforce of various alarms you can improve response times and enhance staff safety.

DMRAlert GT Module

This module can run standalone or alongside DMRAlert® IN-LOC or DMRAlert® IN-TRACK allowing you to define predefined routes (patrols) to be completed and recorded throughout your site. This real-time software and radio application can provide automatic operation via the use of beacons or manual operation using a remote speaker microphone, with a built in RFID reader, connected to your MOTOTRBO™ hand portable.DMRAlert GT Module

DMRAlert Street/GEO Module

Enhanced GPS Tracking Solution

Street Module

DMRAlert Street Module GPS Tracking Screenshot

A management tool that allows you to track your GPS enabled MOTOTRBO™ two way radio fleet throughout a designated area down to street level. The event log will detail the street names allowing quick reference and easier identification of the users location. This module uses Microsoft MapPoint to display the GPS locations.

GEO Module

DMRAlert Geo Module Screenshot

A management tool that allows you to track your GPS enabled MOTOTRBO™ two way radio fleet throughout a designated area.

DMRAlert IN-LOC Module

DMRAlert Indoor Location System Screenshot

The DMRAlert In Loc solution enhances protection of your workforce by not only giving them a mechanism to report and emergency situation using the radio, but it also couples this with the most recent location information allowing you to see where on site the emergency situation has occurred. The information is recorded in the DMRAlert server and can also be displayed on a customised map providing you with an audible and visual indication of the incoming emergency situation, providing you with valuable data aiding health and safety investigations and similar.

DMRAlert Lone Worker Module

DMRAlert Lone Worker System Screenshot

DMRAlert® Lone Worker ensures that all members of your staff that work alone or are within a high security environment are always protected. Our lone worker solutions ensure that your radio users can automatically call for assistance in an emergency if he / she is unable to and that you know exactly where every member of staff is, at all times. MOTOTRBO signal technology analyses tilt, immobility, protecting lone workers from abuse or attack, while incorporating the capability for a monitoring PC to be alerted, either manually or automatically.

This solution allows you to collect information detailing which radios are online, who is talking, sending SMS messages and who has activated their emergency button. This module is a control server that logs all information generated by your MOTOTRBO™ radio fleet. The advanced features of having a lone worker solution in your system improves overall safety of your whole site and ensures you comply with all current regulations.